Wedge operates 14 state of the art galvanizing facilities, positioned strategically around the country....
Wedge offer a diverse range of galvanizing services for both general and specialist applications....
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Wedge Group Galvanizing

Hot Dip Galvanizing offers you long-term protection against rust and corrosion, and with almost 150 years experience you can be sure of high quality galvanising and unrivalled customer service from across the Wedge Group. 

We have the largest galvanizing bath in the UK at 21m long allowing us to galvanize structural steelwork up to 29m in length. Wedge are also specialists in centrifuge galvanising for small parts and we can also galvanize continuous lengths of chain.

Galvanising Steel

Steelwork galvanized by Wedge can be found on motorway networks, including road sign gantries, lighting columns, foot-bridges and safety-barriers, as well as, trackside railway equipment. We also galvanize many large-scale construction projects, such as new office developments, multi-storey car parks and sports stadiums where galvanizing provides highly cost-effective and long-lasting protection for structural steelwork

Manufacturers of agricultural equipment, such as road trailers, animal pens for livestock auction markets, balconies, railings and fire escapes, have regularly opted to have their work galvanised by Wedge Group Galvanizing. They know its high quality galvanising service provides the toughest protection against the harshest environmental conditions.

Wedge Galvanizing service multiple locations throughout the UK including Scotland, West Midlands, East Anglia, Merseyside and many more. For a full list, visit our plant location page here.

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