Customer Promise

Our Commitment

We understand that customer satisfaction is paramount to success and in ensuring we maintain our 155-year reputation for both quality and care. 

Over the years, we’ve enhanced and evolved our existing customer feedback systems and processes to ensure we place a proactive focus on nurturing the entire journey. As part of this, we create feedback opportunities, and encourage regular contact so we can continually listen, learn, and develop, in line with the expectations of the businesses and individuals that we work with.

This also forms an integral part of our Collective Ambition – a series of values that we live and breathe as a business to ensure that the same high-quality service is universal across all of our 14 plants.

We promise to:

  • Be flexible (wherever possible) to best suit our customers’ needs
  • Always fulfil our responsibilities
  • Regularly seek customer views to further improve the overall experience
  • Consistently deliver excellence in product and service quality

We also pride ourselves on acting with integrity at all times, being trusted to do exactly what we say we do, and to always strive to do things better.

Net Promoter Scores

While we’re completely committed to providing the very best service, we understand that there are always opportunities to evolve or improve our processes.

Each month we undertake customer service surveys through the globally renowned Net Promoter Score scheme which measures customer loyalty and satisfaction. Made up of three categories — Promoters (satisfied), Passives (neutral) and Detractors (dissatisfied) — the score is worked out by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from Promoters.

Our Customer Promise is lived and breathed by each and every one of our 14 plants. It’s a promise that we make as a group to our customers, to be flexible, to provide excellence in product and service quality, to seek their views to continue improving our service and to utilise our national network of plants.

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