Galvanized Structural Steel

Hot-dip galvanizing structural steel can aid in the fast erection of steelwork without need for any additional on-site work. The coating characteristics also offer the extra benefit of being able to withstand the rigours of transport and on-site handling.

Largest Galvanizing Bath in the UK

Our Worksop plant has the largest galvanizing bath in the UK at 21m long, meaning that steel lengths of up to 29m can be galvanized (double dipped).

Worksop Galvanizing offer a nationwide collection and delivery service across the UK, along with a fast turnaround and unrivalled customer service.

Creating Sustainability in Construction

Galvanizing has long been recognised as the most sustainable finishing process available to help the construction sector protect against corrosion, with the recent emergence of a number of technological advances making the procedure even more environmentally-friendly.

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Long life Span

With its long life-span, cost-efficient savings and significant ‘sustainable’ qualities, hot-dip galvanizing is becoming widely known as the most environmentally-friendly finish available to the construction industry, and with the ongoing efforts being made across the sector to ensure that these qualities are continually enhanced, it seems hot dip galvanized structural steel is destined to long remain a leader in the sustainability stakes.

Wedge Group Galvanizing Brochure

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Hot dip galvanized steel will last very well in most environments. It is not uncommon for galvanized steel to last more than 70 years under certain conditions. Latest corrosion rates can be found at the Galvanizers Association

The three intermetallic layers that form during the galvanizing process are all harder than the substrate steel and have excellent abrasion resistance.

“White Rust”, or wet storage stain, is formed because zinc on newly-galvanized steel is very reactive and quickly forms zinc oxide and zinc hydroxide corrosion products that go on to become the stable zinc carbonate.
When galvanized steel is stacked damp, stored in wet boxes or shrink wrapped with no free-flowing air, the zinc forms excessive layers of zinc hydroxide, otherwise known as wet storage stain.
Most wet storage stain can be easily removed with a nylon brush. To prevent wet storage stain, store galvanized steel indoors and in such a way to allow free-flowing air between each galvanized item.


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