Long-lasting protection, ease of application and sustainability

Hot Dip Galvanizing, with its winning combination of long-lasting protection, ease of application and sustainability, is the finish of choice for many industries across the globe including many sectors, including construction, manufacturing, and agriculture. 


Protection of Fasteners is Imperative Perhaps the most critical choice made in the design of fabrication connections is how to protect the fasteners from corrosion. The protection of fasteners is… Read more Fastenings

Industrial Plant and Equipment

Maintenance free corrosion protection Industrial facilities have some of the most aggressive, hostile environments for steel and metals.  Hot-dip galvanized steel is uniquely and ideally suited to withstand the constant… Read more Industrial Plant and Equipment

Storage and Handling

Durability – a permanently-bonded tough coating Hot-dip galvanized steel has 10 times better abrasion resistance than an organic paint coating, making the ideal choice with the storage and handling industry.… Read more Storage and Handling


Protecting our future Hot dip galvanized steel plays a key role in the past, present, and future of the Utilities sector from traditional to renewable sources. Contact us to find… Read more Utilities

Transport Infrastructure

Widely used in transport infrastructure Galvanized steel is used widely in transport infrastructure, typical applications include; transmission towers; overhead line fittings; access covers; parapets; gantries and bridges.

Street and Outdoor Furniture

Protection against corrosion Street and outdoor furniture such as street lighting; signs and railing etc are subjected to pollution and heavy weather and should be protected against corrosion. What we… Read more Street and Outdoor Furniture


Galvanized Structural Steel Hot-dip galvanizing structural steel can aid in the fast erection of steelwork without need for any additional on-site work. The coating characteristics also offer the extra benefit… Read more Construction

Art and Sculpture

Specified for Corrosion Protection Hot-dip galvanizing is most often thought of as a coating specified for corrosion protection.  However, the natural, metallic finish of the coating can also be a… Read more Art and Sculpture


Galvanizing in Agricultural and Industrial Buildings Steel is one of the most commonly used materials in agriculture for fencing and gates to building frames, feeding barriers, penstock and other equipment.However,… Read more Agriculture