Protecting our future

Hot dip galvanized steel plays a key role in the past, present, and future of the Utilities sector from traditional to renewable sources.

Longevity and Cost-Effectiveness

Utilising galvanized steel throughout this sector ensures longevity and cost-effectiveness for the next generation.

Galvanizing’s ability to prolong a product’s lifetime make it highly cost-effective, since little or no maintenance is required – giving hot dip galvanizing the lowest overall cost compared to other protective steel coatings.

Minimal Waste

Sustainability is also a key focus, specifically in terms of recyclability. Hot dip galvanizing produces minimal waste, as any excess zinc will remain in the zinc bath and subsequently be re-used. This is made possible through the non-ferrous properties of the zinc itself which enable it to be reused again and again without any loss of its physical or chemical constitution.

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Hot dip galvanized steel will last very well in most environments. It is not uncommon for galvanized steel to last more than 70 years under certain conditions. Latest corrosion rates can be found at the Galvanizers Association

The three intermetallic layers that form during the galvanizing process are all harder than the substrate steel and have excellent abrasion resistance.

“White Rust”, or wet storage stain, is formed because zinc on newly-galvanized steel is very reactive and quickly forms zinc oxide and zinc hydroxide corrosion products that go on to become the stable zinc carbonate.
When galvanized steel is stacked damp, stored in wet boxes or shrink wrapped with no free-flowing air, the zinc forms excessive layers of zinc hydroxide, otherwise known as wet storage stain.
Most wet storage stain can be easily removed with a nylon brush. To prevent wet storage stain, store galvanized steel indoors and in such a way to allow free-flowing air between each galvanized item.


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