The Benefits of Galvanizing

Benefits of Galvanizing

It is estimated that up to four per cent of the world’s GDP is lost through corrosion each year – a fact that makes lifecycle costs a key consideration in many modern construction projects. Sustainability is also a significant factor when choosing materials and contractors due to ethical decisions as well as enforced regulations.

Hot dip galvanizing has long been seen as the most environmentally-friendly finishing process available to prevent corrosion. Galvanizing is highly sustainable and produces minimal waste – any zinc that does not instantly form a coating on the metal remains in the galvanizing bath for re-use. The non-ferrous properties of the metal make it indefinitely recyclable without loss of physical or chemical properties.

Galvanized products, once constructed or installed, can also be removed, re-galvanized and re-used. They are also easily recycled with steel scrap in the steel production process.

Galvanizing offers:

Durability – a permanently-bonded tough coating

Long life – 70 years-plus maintenance-free

Economic – lowest overall cost compared to other coatings

Hygienic – easy-to-clean surface

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